Today, history has been created. With a large majority in Parliament, and support from kiwis across New Zealand, marriage equality passed with thunderous applause.

In forty years, our children will look back to the day this bill was passed, and will be both proud of the New Zealanders who fought for the equal treatment of equal people, and confused by the concept of the world beforehand. This bill has pulled together an unlikely gaggle of parliamentarians from both the left and right. Both the evil Communists and greedy capitalists have agreed. This bill, and the sentiment behind it, would not be denied.

As Victor Hugo put it, “One cannot resist an idea whose time has come”.

ACT on Campus, and I, are proud of John Banks, who has voted his conscience. John Banks, despite the acerbic lashings of the media, has voted for the freedom of individuals. All individuals. John Banks and ACT understand that equal people deserve equal treatment. Everyone deserves a fair go.
ACT on Campus, and I, are ecstatic that this freedom has been extended to a brutally marginalised minority. Marriage equality is about love, dignity and freedom.

I disagree with Winston Peters, and his assertion that the tyranny of the majority should dictate the freedoms of equal people. Parliament is here to protect individual liberties from the majority, not to subject these rights to their whim. Although Winston’s only citation was a Campbell Live poll, he was right on one point. A day of reckoning is coming, and Winston is once again caught on the wrong side of history.

At the risk of being accused of over-quoting, I feel it necessary to recall the words of Nelson Mandela; “For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.”

Today a beautiful thing has happened. No volcano has erupted, and there are no lakes of fire. Today a group of people, all over New Zealand, have been given the right to marry the person they love.