Recycling and Plastic Bags

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How do you reconcile environmentalism with liberty? Simple: Through the market.

Greens Get Stuck In Traffic And Miss Botany

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The Greens have got stuck in traffic and missed the Botany by-election by being too late to hand in their candidate’s nomination form.

Maybe he partied too hard “late last night” after successfully becoming their candidate? That would be *my* excuse if I was in his shoes.

However you have to ask why hadn’t the Greens selected somebody well before a few hours before the cut off time?

Flat Tax

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Yesterday it was revealed that Treasury are suggesting a Flat Tax.

Annette King and Bill English were both reported as opposed to the idea, but who said what?

One was opposed because: “We also need to make sure we put together a system that isn’t regressive and that is fair.”