Quote of the evening:

Wallace: If you go pass a homeless person, would you give them $2 or a pamphlet outlining ACT’s compassionate nation policy?

Kim: I’ll give them $2, I’ll probably even give them $10!

On drugs: All drugs should be decriminalised; addiction is properly treated as a health issue. Even, as Wallace asked, heroin. The real question is – are our addicts better dragged through the justice system or on the road to recovery?

On zero hour contracts: They reflect the business reality that staffing needs fluctuate. Zero hour contracts offer a lot of flexibility and work well for certain groups of people. Ultimately if an employer is acting unfairly toward their staff, they will struggle. And if they’re acting fairly toward their staff but only have casual or on-call hours available, there are plenty of people happy to take that work!

On the housing crisis: Tinkering with demand side issues (speculators, foreign investors) leaves the root of the problem unaddressed. This is a supply side issue caused by artificial restrictions on land use. Free up land use – entirely! Let people choose for themselves where to build.

On individuals making a difference: It’s important to remember that communities are made up of individuals. It’s up to us to get involved in local organisations and do what we can to make a difference in the lives of those less advantaged.